Ungraded Players

The following players are cleared to play in grade-limited league competitions appropriate to their playing strength as determined by the County Match Controller (County Match Rule 5(c)).

Penalties - "For each ineligible player in a match the penalty shall be the loss of such player’s game, and the deduction of one penalty point from the resulting total of game points scored by the County in that match."




ECF Code

Estimated Grade


19-09-2018 Essex Michael Buckingham 315978E 61 club estimate
19-09-2018 Essex Rafal Rozmus 316419G 83 club estimate
19-09-2018 Essex Daria Holic (J) 317105L 112 club estimate
19-09-2018 Essex Michael GA Wilson 126879L 120 club estimate
19-09-2018 Surrey Duncan Kerr 137834L 179 ECF Rapidplay (179A)
25-09-2018 Kent Howard Norton 244015F 115 last graded July 2014 (120E)
25-09-2018 Kent Devdoot Barman 284834L 108 ECF Rapidplay (108D)
02-10-2018 Surrey Arthur Ashworth  -  120 club estimate