Ungraded Players

The following players are cleared to play in grade-limited league competitions appropriate to their playing strength as determined by the County Match Controller (County Match Rule 5(c)).

Penalties - "For each ineligible player in a match the penalty shall be the loss of such player’s game, and the deduction of one penalty point from the resulting total of game points scored by the County in that match."




ECF Code

Estimated Grade


12-Oct-17 Surrey Derek Coope 108813A 107 Jan 2017 list
15-Oct-17 Essex Alan Riddoch 165744G 126 FIDE ELO 1644
19-Oct-17 Sussex Henry Adams 302456J 74 Rapidplay grade
20-Oct-17 Surrey Gregg Hutchence 311257D 90 Battersea club
28-Oct-17 Surrey Stephen Ashworth 255550F 148 Jan 2017 list
28-Oct-17 Surrey George Mears 312941L 110 SCCA estimate
03-Nov-17 Surrey Aziz Sannie 307448B 79 Rapid play F grade
03-Nov-17 Surrey Ibrahim Abouchakra - 90 Streatham library club
05-Nov-17 Kent Martin Gruau 312885E 160 -
07-Nov-17 Kent Vytautas Gedminas 312876D 130 Rochester, Swale
14-Nov-17 Surrey Petra Fink-Nunn 152328E 157 8 graded games
18-Nov-17 Surrey Tanveer Hussain - 155 South Norwood CC
18-Nov-17 Surrey Matthew Masani - 130 Guildford
21-Nov-17 Kent Thomas Stevens 173938E 128 Jan 2014 list
21-Nov-17 Middlesex Miroslaw Walkusz - 165 FIDE ELO 1944
23-Nov-17 Surrey John Upham 255547F 132 Jan 2013 list
23-Nov-17 Surrey Matthew C Taylor 150526K 121 Jan 2015 list
23-Nov-17 Surrey Mohammed Sameer-Haad 245104K 119 South Norwood