The SCCU Championship is an inter-county league which runs between October and March. It has an Open and five grade-restricted divisions. County Associations affiliated to the SCCU may enter teams in any or all divisions.

The winner, and up to two runners up, of each division will be nominated by the Union to play progress to the corresponding section of ECF competition. The third nomination is available when five or more teams compete in a division, or at the discretion of the National Controller. 

SCCU County Team Champions

  Division Trophy 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
  Open Shannon (Champions) Surrey Kent Middlesex Surrey Middlesex
    Stevenson (Runners up) Middlesex Surrey Sussex Middlesex Surrey
  U180 Montague Jones Essex Surrey Middlesex Middlesex Essex
  U160 Amboyna Middlesex Essex Middlesex Middlesex Middlesex
  U140 Ebony Kent Kent Essex Kent Kent
  U120 Harry Woolverton Hertfordshire Middlesex  Middlesex  Essex Kent
  U100 David Smith Essex Surrey Surrey Essex no contest

ECF County Team Champions

  Division  2016
 2017  2018  2019
  Open  Yorkshire  Lancashire  Lancashire  Yorkshire
  Minor Counties  Norfolk  Lincolnshire  Surrey  Lincolnshire
  U180  Essex  Devon  Yorkshire  Essex
  U160  Middlesex  Yorkshire  Lancashire  Middlesex
  U140  Worcestershire  Lancashire  Nottinghamshire  Yorkshire
  U120  Nottinghamshire  Essex  Norfolk  Essex
  U100  Essex  Leicestershire  Leicestershire  Staffordshire

Details of the ECF County Championship 2022 can be found on the following websites: