It is a condition of entry to all the events and competitions of the Southern Counties Chess Union (“SCCU”) that participants understand and are deemed to accept the conditions contained in this notice which relate to the use of their personal information and the safeguarding arrangements for the supervision of Junior chess players and adults in need.

Organisers of teams entering our competitions must ensure that their officials, players and where applicable their parents, guardians or carers are aware of these conditions, their safeguarding responsibilities and the use that will be made of their personal information.

If any player objects to the specified use of personal information in the notice below or does not accept the SCCU’s safeguarding policy (which mirrors that of the English Chess Federation) we regret that that player will not be able to participate in our events and competitions. For this purpose, “any player” includes a minor aged 13 or over, a parent or guardian of a Junior player and the carer of an adult in need.

Please note that photographs may be taken by the SCCU at its events and competitions which may be used for publicity purposes both for the current event and those in future years. Any objection by an individual to the same being published should be notified to the event organisers. Information on how we use the data you provide us is included in these conditions of entry and in our Privacy Notice, both of which are published on our website


Safeguarding is the responsibility of everyone at an SCCU event, whether player, parent, guardian, carer, arbiter, official, organiser or spectator. Anyone who has a safeguarding concern at any of the Union’s events should raise it straight away with the Organiser of the event or contact the Union’s Safeguarding Officer or if not available the Union’s Safeguarding Lead.

All participants in the Union’s events must ensure that our activities take place in a safe and child centred environment where children and adults in need in particular are protected from harm to deliver a positive and enjoyable experience of chess.>/p>

All participants must be considerate of others and shall not act in a discriminatory way whether in terms of age, religion or beliefs, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity, or socio-economic background.

All participants must comply with the Union’s Safeguarding Policy (which is identical to that of the English Chess Federation, see and any Safeguarding Policies of the teams they play for or, if notified by the organisers, the venues they play in including those of any host organisation.

Parental Responsibility at events which exclude them from the playing area at the star

While outside the playing area, parents or guardians are responsible for their children during the event. The organisers and officials are not able to act “in loco parentis” and are not able to take responsibility for any child’s actions, or for the actions of anyone that may affect your child.

Inside the playing area, Team Managers are responsible for their Junior Players for team events.

Parental Responsibility at all other events

Parents, guardians and carers are responsible for the supervision of Junior Players or adults in need in their care. They must abide by the playing conditions for the event, remain quiet, not interfere with play or distract any player.


Other than by a SCCU official photographer, photography or other recording of images is not permitted unless authorised in advance by the Organiser of the SCCU event or for county matches by both team captains/managers applying their organisation’s safeguarding and data protection policies.

At SCCU events all photographers must be registered in advance and comply with the Union’s safeguarding photography policy (which can be found at Appendix 9) and data protection requirements below.>/p>

Any parent/guardian/responsible adult or carer of a player in their care who does not wish to have that player’s photograph taken during an SCCU event should notify the Organiser of the event in advance or for county matches their team captain/manager. See further the privacy section below.

Use of Personal Data

What may the SCCU ask for and why?

Surname To allow us to identify the player.
Name of choice & initials To allow us to identify the player.
Title To allow people who want to be known by any title to be correctly addressed
Online platform usernames To allow us to identify the player.
Postcode To allow us to confirm eligibility for our area specific entries and occasionally prizes
Telephone To allow us to contact you in case of emergency or problem with your entry
County To allow us to confirm eligibility for our area specific entries and occasionally prizes
Month & Year of birth To allow us to assign players to correct age groups or determine eligibility for age-specific events and prizes. FIDE require for FIDE-rated events a full date of birth. Should you play in the national stages of the Open County Championships your county must supply this if you do not have a FIN for you to participate in this ECF run event.
Gender The SCCU does not ask for this and for grading purposes does not supply this information unless it is volunteered. However other chess organisations such as the ECF may do so.
ECF Membership code To allow us to verify your membership number, and thus decide whether you are eligible to participate or if any participation fees are likely to arise and to warn you of them.
FIDE rating / ECF grade / Other grade and source To allow us to verify whether a player is eligible to compete in an event section (e.g. a grade restricted), particularly for players who are registered outside of England.
Federation It is a FIDE requirement for FIDE-rated events that a player’s Federation is reported.

The above is equally applicable for any data we may be asked by the English Chess Federation (“ECF”) to process on their behalf in respect of your grading results or by FIDE for any FIDE rated results. Details about the ECF’s processing of your personal data can be found in their Privacy Notice at and in the SCCU’s information note.

It is a condition of entry that players and parents or guardians of junior players who participate in SCCU events agree:

  1. to supply and to the use by the SCCU of the above data;
  2. to the use by the SCCU of the results of all games played (including the date of the game, the name of each player and the colour played);
  3. to the publication and archiving of results by the SCCU;
  4. to processing for and by the ECF of results for grading and FIDE rating including supplied personal data required for this purpose;
  5. to official SCCU event photography and publication unless an objection has been notified.

What information will be shown on the Union’s website?

In respect of your results in the Union’s events and competitions our website may show:

  • Name of choice and initials of player and opponent
  • Surname of player and opponent
  • Platform usernames of player and oponent
  • Any ECF grades or assigned competition estimates that the player might hold
  • The result and who had which colour
  • The event that the player has played in.

The Union believes it and players have a legitimate interest in the use of this information to grade the games of chess played in its competitions and to publicise the regional events held. The Union is also of the opinion that it has a legitimate interest in maintaining an historical archive of its competitions and events.

Photography and other means of recording images

The Union may take photographs and recordings during our events having regard to its above Safeguarding Policy. These will include the following:

  • General photographs of the playing area
  • Photographs of individual players, who may be identified, when they are playing their games
  • Photographs of individual/team prize winners, who will be identified

These photographs and recordings may be published by the SCCU in one or more of the following places:

  • The SCCU website and in some circumstances the websites of participating teams
  • Chess publications and their websites
  • Local or national newspapers and their websites

The Union believes it has a legitimate interest to publish these photographs for the benefit of its historical archive of chess activity and helping to publicise regional events and inter-county chess.

Any player or parent or guardian of a junior player who does not wish their image to be recorded for the limited purposes described above must notify their objection to the event Organiser or for county matches their team captain/manager on arrival. Photography of such individuals will not take place. Any photographs that are inadvertently taken will not be published and will be destroyed.

Adopted by the Executive on 31 August 2018 pursuant to the Resolution of Council of 1st July 2018.

Updated by the Executive on 25 October 2020 subject to affirmation by Council.