Manager: Mike Gunn at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The following players have indicated their availability to play in The SCCU 125th Anniversary Match.

Number of players is 22
Keane, Graham189Surrey127349J
Heppell, Ian185Surrey112529B
Tucker, David185Kent120629B
Shepley, Julien184Surrey129556B
Batchelor, Paul 176Sussex106379A
Young, Daniel175Surrey281202C
Palmer, Alan169Sussex156421D
Phillips, Owen169Surrey173125H
Faulks, Nick163Surrey265631A
Grey, Nick155Surrey111697G
O'Gorman, Brendan150Surrey116382G
Denning, Julie135Sussex247136LSCCU President
Cannon, John131Sussex107956G
Foreman, Tony128Kent288498H
Gilbert, David125Kent123333G
Gunn, Mike125Surrey172367ESCCU Past President
Watson, Leon122Surrey295838H
Jefferies, Tyrone115Kent113570D
Beukes, Joshua99Surrey287463FJunior
Neanor, Joe96Kent116100D
Beukes, Samuel90Surrey295886HJunior
Mann, Lev46Kent308337JJunior