Saturday 16th September 2017.

Please arrive from 1.00pm to 1.15pm and register your arrival at the control desk

The Opening Ceremony will be at 1.25pm with start of play around 1.30pm.

If you expect to arrive after 1.00pm, please, text the control team on 077 1288 1232 giving your name and estimated time of arrival.


Middle School Hall (opposite No 26 Crossfield Road)
The Hall School
54 Crossfield Road
Swiss Cottage
London NW3 4NU

We have exclusive use of the hall and foyer and, should the weather be fine, the outside veranda.
Please do not explore or enter other parts of the school.

Where players have particular requirements, please, could these be communicated in advance to the Tournament Director: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


From Swiss Cottage Underground Station on the Jubilee Line.

Through the barrier and turn left back on yourself taking EXIT 2
This leads out onto ETON ROAD which is in front of you. Bear right staying on Eton Road and Crossfield Road is first left.
The playing hall has a glass front on your left hand side.

Engineering Works

TFL has been kind but do check your rail providers especially if intending to make use of Cannon Street or London Bridge Stations and allow extra time if needed.

Photography, Etc.

Those wishing to take photographs or record images must register with the Tournament Director (preferably in advance) or at the control desk

Safeguarding Policy

Parental supervision at all times. Parents, guardians and carers are not excluded from the playing hall but must abide by the event playing conditions.

Any person who has any safeguarding concerns at the event should raise them straight away with the SCCU Safeguarding Team, Mark Murrell (Tournament Director) or Angela Eyton (Junior Organiser).


Light refreshments will be available throughout the event free of charge, with thanks to Angela Eyton and her catering team.

Control Team

Mark Murrell, Tournament Director
Michael Flatt, SCCU County Match Controller


Mr Stewart Reuben
Mr Rik Thomas

Event Playing Conditions

  • New (July 2017) FIDE Laws of Chess apply save as varied by these conditions.
  • Default time is 30 minutes after clocks start unless otherwise notified by the Control Team. The organisers reserve the right to repair at any time to ensure everyone registered has an opportunity to play.
  • Time Control – all moves in 125 minutes.
  • QPF Guideline III.5 applies (draw claim in your last 2 minutes)
  • An announcement will be made before start of play in consultation with the arbiting team as to whether or not Guideline 111.4 (switch to 5 second increments in your last 2 minutes) will apply in addition.
  • Only the control team and team captains are permitted for administrative purposes to have electronic devices in the playing hall.
  • Mobile phones are permitted in the playing area but must be turned off. A warning will be issued for the first sound and loss of game will result for the second offence.
  • Spectators including parents, guardians and carers are permitted in the playing area but must comply with these conditions, remain quiet and must not interfere with play or distract the players.
  • Photography or recording of images is not permitted unless authorised in advance by the Control Team. Regard must be had to the SCCU/ECF safeguarding policy.
  • All games will be submitted for grading by the ECF and it is hoped published through the SCCU website as part of the 125 anniversary match report archive.
  • Arbiting decisions shall be final subject to a right of appeal to the Appeals Committee, the composition of which will be announced before the start of play.
  • Players must ensure their board number and result is shown on their scoresheet which should be countersigned by the opponent. The top copy of the scoresheet(s) stating the result must be presented to the control team immediately your game is finished.
  • If you do not intend to stay until the end of the match please notify the control desk when you depart.
  • The organisers reserve the right to make transfers between North and South following consultation to ensure all those registered to play will do so.

Enjoy your chess !

Mark Murrell
SCCU 125 Tournament Director
September 2017