The Annual Junior u18 and u14 Jamboree took place at Orleans Park School, Twickenham, on Sunday 26th March 2017.

U18 Open

Team Points Place
Kent 10½ 1st
Sussex 2nd

U14 Open

Team Points Place
Surrey - 1st
Richmond - 2nd
Kent - 3rd
Sussex - 4th
Maidenhead - 5th


U18 Minor

Team Points Place
Richmond - 1st
Surrey - 2nd
Sussex - 3rd
Kent - 4th

U14 Minor

Team Points Place
Oxford 11½ 1st
Richmond A  11 2nd on tiebreak
Essex  11 3rd
Sussex  10½ 4th on tiebreak
Maidenhead  10½ 5th
Richmond B  5½ 6th
Maidenhead  3 7th


Reports with photos are available on the following websites: