to children, young people and adults in need


Who is responsible during the Union's activities for the safeguarding of children, young people and adults in need ?


What is Safeguarding about ?

How is it achieved ?

 What is the Union's Child Protection Policy ?

The Union adopts the current Safeguarding Policy of the English Chess Federation Policy.

Supervision is the responsibility of parents, guardians and where a child plays for a team, its organisers. The Union or host organisations only assume responsibility for supervision where parents and guardians are excluded from the playing area.

Photography and other recording of images is not permitted unless authorised. Photographers must be registered and permission for photography and publication sought.

 Do other organisations have Safeguarding Policies which apply to the Union's activities ?

What are the safeguarding responsibilities of the Safeguarding Officer, the Safeguarding Lead, the Executive Committee and Council ?

Specific Responsibilities of Council

Specific Responsibilities of the Executive Committee

Specific Responsibilities of the Safeguarding Lead

The legislation requires this role at senior board level in organisations which work with children. The Executive Committee is the Union's equivalent. The Union does not at the present time work with children.

As the Union runs events which are exclusively for junior players there is a practical operational reason for having a designated Officer on the Executive Committee.

The English Chess Federation provides for this role under its policy and compliance with the ECF policy is a condition of the Union's public liability insurance.

The Safeguarding Lead is responsible for:

 Specific Responsibilities of the Safeguarding Officer

 The Safeguarding Officer is responsible for: