Extra Graded Games

A players who attends a County Match as a Reserve or whose opponent defaults the game prior to the start of the match may play a replacement game which will be submitted for grading.

Date Venue White Grading Code Grade Result Black Grading code Grade
 01-Oct-16  Wanstead House Urbi Modhura 300682H 76 1-0  Purba Audhora 300681F 76
 08-Oct-16  Wanstead House Peter Baker  233361C 88 1-0  John Ellis  163923H 99
 28-Jan-17  Wanstead House Malcolm Crane 182533B 109 0-1  John Ellis 163923H 99
 18-Feb-17  Coulsden H.Trevor Jones

½ - ½

 Alireza Anvarinaeini 286911B 162